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9 Cat H2H Punt Assist Strategy 2016-2017

Jeff Fullmer | 19.10.2016

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve punted assists quite often in 9 cat H2H leagues, with mixed results. I have won leagues punting assists and I have failed miserably doing so. I have also won several roto leagues in which I haven’t punted assists. So I can’t claim punting assists is the end-all and be-all. Still I’m known as the "punt assists guy". The two biggest advantages to punting assists in 9 cat is that punting assists generally allows you to win TO and that assists is probably the most expensive cat given the preference for point guards that most GMs have. Read full article

Blake Griffin is the Most Overrated Fantasy Player

Jeff Fullmer | 29.09.2016

The most underrated player this season, Gorgui Dieng, is a big man and so is the most overrated fantasy player, Blake Griffin. Other than that, the two players are almost complete opposites. This article will highlight why Blake Griffin is constantly overrated. Read full article

Gorgui Dieng is the Most Underrated Player in Fantasy Basketball 2016-2017

Jeff Fullmer | 28.09.2016

Last season I placed second in an 8 category roto, auction, keeper league with the following players as my starting five: PG-Chris Paul; SG-Avery Bradley; SF-Kawhi Leonard; PF-Paul Millsap; C-Marc Gasol. When Gasol got injured I spent almost all of my free agent budget to grab Gorgui Dieng off the wire, as someone had dropped him during his early season slump. Read full article

First look at the NBA Schedule for 2016/17

Leszek Bialecki | 13.08.2016

Schedule is much more than just a list of dates for fantasy managers since it may impact performance of our players. Even though NBA has made it a priority over last couple of years to create a schedule fair for all teams - there are always those who will benefit a bit more than others. Read full article

Fantasy Basketball Value Investing

Jeff Fullmer | 02.01.2016

As I read The Big Short by Michael Lewis and now watched the movie as well, I became enamored with the story of Michael Burry. In 2000 he started an investment company called Scion Capital, which focused on value investing, buying undervalued stocks and junk bonds. He became famous for shorting the subprime mortgage market by purchasing credit default swaps and becoming rich from it. What are the value investment opportunities present in fantasy? Read full article

Roto Thoughts

Jeff Fullmer | 20.12.2015

Today, I will outline by ideal bench for a roto league through explaining my thought process in a money roto league in which I am currently first place. This advice may be more helpful than my previous advice because the players I highlight in this article may be obtained cheaply in a trade, or perhaps even off your waiver wire. Read full article

Fantasy Basketball Empathy

Jeff Fullmer | 11.12.2015

I’m writing this because I haven’t always been open-minded about the viewpoints of my fellow fantasy GMs and many of them certainly haven’t been empathetic to me or my views. The truth is that many different strategies can have success in fantasy. Much of time, we are more concerned about proving ourselves right than we are about learning. Read full article

Velocity - why being balanced is partially wrong

Jeff Fullmer | 05.12.2015

We based our perceptions not on the eye test, but on advanced standard deviation analysis which convinced us of the merit of our claims. We were wrong. Boy-were we ever wrong. I was wrong. As the season began, we gasped in horror at the poor shooting display. Read full article

Avoiding Fantasy Hype

Jeff Fullmer | 21.11.2015

We based our perceptions not on the eye test, but on advanced standard deviation analysis which convinced us of the merit of our claims. We were wrong. Boy-were we ever wrong. I was wrong. As the season began, we gasped in horror at the poor shooting display. Read full article

A Complete Guide to Punting

Jeff Fullmer | 04.11.2015

With most things, be it the stock market or fantasy basketball, you generally want to do what most people are NOT doing. You will not win your drafts simply by following the consensus view. You win your drafts by pursuing strategies that maximally exploit the market in your league. Read full article

The Importance of Efficiency in H2H 9 Cat Auction Drafts

Jeff Fullmer | 22.10.2015

This article is primarily for H2H auction players. I don’t need to convince you ROTO players of the importance of drafting efficient players, but it seems as if many H2H players discount efficiency in general. I’ve heard frequently that H2H is all about getting players who can produce “monster” lines. If I had a dollar for every GM that told me that he punts turnovers then I would be a rich man. Read full article

Rookies in fantasy basketball - are they really worth the risk?

Leszek | 09.07.2015

One of many dilemmas you have to face while preparing for your fantasy basketball draft each year is tosomehow handle rookies. What we usually get through the media is more or less already digested product. But is it really worth anything for fantasy managers to know that player X is NBA-ready, player Y is raw, player Z needs 3 years... How hat that translate to a successful rookie campaign? And more importantly – how does that affect our decisions during fantasy draft? Read full article

Directions - unique fantasy basketball tool

Leszek | 08.07.2015

It’s hard to deny that what makes us love fantasy basketball is a possibility to actively managing our teams with a couple of various ways. Many of rookie managers even might be proud when they reach first deals in their leagues. Some collect them with a real pleasure.... Hell, even Yahoo! gives medals for such achievements! Read full article

Let's make a deal - unique fantasy basketball tool

Leszek | 11.03.2015

With our unique trade search engine you can find best possible trades for your fantasy basketball team! What’s best - you will immediately see in which stats and by how much your team improves! Read full article

Fantasy Basketball Basics: Rotisserie

Leszek | 07.02.2015

We are getting serious! Rotisserie (often referred to as "Roto") is a scoring system in which you play against every team in your league in multiple statistical categories and at the same time.
Your fantasy team is ranked from first to last place in each statistical category. Based on your ranking in each category – you receive roto points. The higher you are – the more roto points you get. Read full article

Fantasy basketball basics. Is it worth to get crazy about it?


As a potential manager of a fantasy basketball team you are faced with a very important choice – what sort of league would you like to play? Read full article