Thank You!

Season 2017/2018 is over. Thank You for trusting us by using our tools, creating the account, importing leagues and finally paying us for our work.
After 4 years doing it piece by piece, in our free time, we have finally decided to check if our tools are valuable for You.
Till today more than 5000 users created the account and imported their leagues. Thank You! It's evidence that things we are doing are helpful also for others

In upcoming offseason, we are focusing on head 2 head tools. Of course tools like player rankings, trade analyzer or similar players are working well for h2h also, but for now, our premium tools including a draft tool were designated only for rotisserie.
Before next season tools like the draft tool, matchup (predicting who and how would win any given weekly matchup), directions (will predict how you will end your season) will be available also for H2H.

The subscription will be available to buy from September as soon as we publish - like every year - our projections for the upcoming season. If you would like to contact us, tell us what to improve or just say hello don't hesitate, just do it.

Thank You for being fantasy basketball ninja.