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fb-ninja mission

Our mission

We love fantasy basketball! We love the competition, data analysis and we love sharing the wealth of our experience and knowledge with the fantasy basketball community!

At first (in 1990’s) we were fiercely competing against each other while developing our own sets of tools. Then we realized that joining forces can be even more beneficial not only for us, but also to a wider fantasy sports community.

We have spent countless hours designing a set of unique tools which will help you manage your teams more effectively, much quicker and with better results! Advanced data analysis is just few clicks away, we made it easy for you to use it!

Our Premium tools

nba fantasy draft tool

Draft tool
available now

Build a winning team with our draft tool!

Draft Tool allows you to build a winning team thanks to our unique system which tracks the draft and can project which players you should target to increase your chance of winning.

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fantasy basketball trade analyzer

Trade Analyzer
available when league drafted

Trade Analyzer like you’ve never seen before!

Typical Trade Analyzer only compares player values. This is not enough! Our TA 2.0 puts player stats in the context of your team and projects how this trade will affect rankings of the whole league!

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fb-ninja matchup h2h tools

available when league drafted | H2H only

Wonder if you are good enough to win your weekly matchup?

This tool for dedicated to head 2 head only, we analyze every each matchup based on selected criteria and schedule for every player. You will know which categories you gonna win and how big is the margin between you and your opponent.

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fb-ninja premium tool let's make a deal

Let’s make a Deal
available when league drafted

Tired of looking for best trade scenarios? Let us do it for you!

We are analysing hundreds of trade scenarios and suggest only those which are mutually beneficial – creating a win-win situation which will help in your trade negotiations.

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fb-ninja premium tool - directions

available when league drafted

Is your team already good enough to win? We can answer that question!

Directions allow you to project your final league standings based on your current results and projected player performance for the remainder of the season.

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fb-ninja premium tool - free agents finder

Free agents finder
available when league drafted | H2H only

No more wondering if the planned move fits into your matchup needs.

With each incoming H2H matchup there are plenty of roster decisions to be made. Many of free agents can’t wait to help you win. It only comes to your decision if/how to use them.

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Free tools


Create your own projections for every player. Fantasy stats, game logs, and fb-ninja projections.

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Get free player rankings for rotisserie, H2H and fantasy points leagues.

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Player projections for every NBA players including rookies for the upcoming 2017-18 NBA

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Check the NBA season calendar, to know when your players gain competitive advantage. Schedule Grid is very useful for head-to-head basketball fantasy league.

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Compare nba players, check similar players to one you are looking for.

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Mobile friendly nba box scores. You can see top 5 players of the night.

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