Let's make a deal - unique fantasy basketball tool

With our unique trade search engine you can find best possible trades for your fantasy basketball team! What’s best - you will immediately see in which stats and by how much your team improves!

What we want to give you is a potential win-win situation.

Based on the selected criteria our database will simulate hundreds of trade scenarios and project final standing in your league.

Please remember - the more narrow time-period you will select for projecting end-of-the-year standings - the more unorthodox deals may be proposed.

We advise you to execute prudence and common sense while trading in fantasy basketball. Not every suggested trade is worth pursuing and what may be looking like a bargain from mathemathical point of view - may be unrealistic in real life. That is - If fantasy basketball can be called "real life" :-)

You can find best possible trades in three simple steps:

  • Select which players you are open to trading.
  • Select your trade partner.
  • Select period of time to be used in analysis and click "Get best trades" button.

What we will deliver to your screen is a list of possible trades which will be beneficial both for you and your partner. This analysis is customized to the statistical landscape of your league! So if there is a way for you to easily gain a lot of roto points - we will find it in a matter of seconds.

No need to spend coutless hours with your spreadsheets simulating how your stats will change by the player you want to acquire. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

See how "Let’s make a deal" works: