2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Schedule Grid

Fantasy basketball weekly head 2 head game schedule

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Atlanta Hawks333434343334343434343434
Boston Celtics333434434333434244434334
Brooklyn Nets244434433234243344443434
Charlotte Hornets334442343344334434442433
Chicago Bulls344323433344414345423444
Cleveland Cavaliers333434434334344345243333
Dallas Mavericks242443344434433344333443
Denver Nuggets342433433343443435244244
Detroit Pistons343444343344413443334244
Golden State Warriors343344334333342435434433
Houston Rockets343342433344334334434443
Indiana Pacers342334444244344334333443
Los Angeles Clippers334344344244344334423343
Los Angeles Lakers333423443434343434434334
Memphis Grizzlies334433333343344333434444
Miami Heat343344244244343334444234
Milwaukee Bucks234334343433434334344344
Minnesota Timberwolves343424334344344434324343
New Orleans Pelicans333433433344344424343344
New York Knicks243443433433443434442343
Oklahoma City Thunder333434334334432335443443
Orlando Magic343343443333424434434334
Philadelphia 76ers343424332434432434443444
Phoenix Suns333343443434343434324344
Portland Trail Blazers333434424324433434443344
Sacramento Kings323433433343433444334444
San Antonio Spurs343353323344424344424434
Toronto Raptors334432443334353434334334
Utah Jazz344434433344333244332444
Washington Wizards334433434342333435343434
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What is fantasy basketball schedule grid

A fantasy basketball schedule grid is a tool used to keep track of the scheduling of a fantasy basketball league. It includes dates and times of each team's matchups during each nba fantasy basketball week. The grid helps keep track of each team's progress throughout the season and helps managers to make proper adjustments.

Weekly gred

Showing you how many games each NBA team has each week. Green shading indicates that the number of games gives a competitive advantage; red shading the number of games that week puts players at a disadvantage.

Advanced Schedule Grid

Our advanced NBA schedule grid shows every day of the 2022-23 NBA season. You can check which teams play every fantasy basketball week on Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

Fantasy Basketball Playoff Schedule

The last weeks of the NBA Regular season are the playoffs & final weeks for fantasy basketball leagues. It's worth two be aware of which teams are playing how many games.