Fantasy basketball draft tool

Draft Tool allows you to build a winning team during nba fantasy draft day. Our model predict which players you should target to increase your chance of winning in any given moment of the draft. Draft Tools brings evaluation to my currently drafted group of players but also suggest best possible player to draft in order to get the most out of all the categories played in the league.

Fantasy basketball draft tool - How it works

One of the most popular ways to estimate a player’s value is using the z-score ratio. The real advantage of our draft tool are dedicated solutions for rotisserie and h2h. To get the most out of the draft tool you should usually consider them both.

Roto Average gain is our unique “league model” built on results taken from other leagues using the same settings with all the NBA latest trends taken into consideration. So right from the start your team has a pattern to be measured against.
In roto a good and fitting role player could be much more valuable than a good and not really fitting star, so some role players will be displayed higher then starts. Keep your eye on those role players and make sure you get them for fair price

H2H Wins means your weekly matchup category wins total + ties. Collecting good h2h teams is not only about the value of production but also about how actually that production is balanced between categories and how it impacts your matchups.
You need to take into account that the base for such calculation is just the list of taken players so the results provide the best picture rather in the second part of the draft with all the teams already filled with similar amount of players.

Value is z-score ratio which compares player production in all the counted categories to the league’s averages. z-score algorithm you can find in all FB Ninja fantasy basketball tools.

Fantasy basketball draft tool - Features

You can include your punt strategy. Just check in the draft tool which categories you want to exclude from the calculation.
You can also exclude specific players. We are going to cut them from calculations also.

The other important parameter is the period of player statistic data. You can choose from various sources, like ninja projections, last year’s player stats, or even a bit smaller samples of data, all within your choice. You can include your own projections.

NBA fantasy mock draft - How to Start

We suggest start with Custom Draft which is kind of sandbox draft space for you to experiment with your drafting strategies and get familiar the application features. For Custom draft all picks are manually provided by you to each team, without typical rush in the real nba fantasy draft day.

You can test your strategies and draft tool with others using Yahoo! Mock drafts. What we need is only the mock draft url address provided with a copy and paste action.
Least but not last - use draft tool on the live yahoo draft to build your winning team.

But what really matters is to see and try it in practice. It’s a part of fb-ninja premium content - just sign up for the trial period and you have a 14-day full access to all our tools.