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From this year our projections gonna be updated during all preseason and all season long! Adding this extra effort we decide to include all projections in our premium package tools which you could try for free! Still top 50 projections gonna be avaiable for everyone. Friendly reminder - You can upload your projections its simple like never before. Just download xls file from our ranking site, put your own projections and upload!


What is the value in fantasy basketball category ranking

The value which we are using is the z-score value. Z-score is a statistical measurement used to determine how far a player's actual or projected performance deviates from the average performance of all players in the league. The Z-score is calculated as the difference between a player's statistical production and the mean production of all players in the league, divided by the standard deviation of the league's production.

The Z-score provides a standard way to compare a player's performance to the rest of the league, regardless of the overall level of production in the league. A positive Z-score indicates that a player's output is above average, while a negative Z-score indicates that a player's production is below average.

What is fantasy basketball category ranking

Category fantasy basketball is a fantasy basketball league where points are awarded based on the player's performance in specific categories, such as points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and other statistical categories.

In a category fantasy basketball league, each player's overall score is determined by adding up their individual scores in each category. Points reward the player with the highest score in each category. Overall season win is the sum of points of each category.

What is fantasy points ranking

Fantasy points are a way of measuring a player's performance in a fantasy basketball league, and are usually awarded based on specific statistical values of each category, such as points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and other categories. Fantasy points can be calculated using a variety of methods, including a set formula or a custom scoring system established by the league.

What is punting in fantasy basketball ranking

In fantasy basketball, "punting" refers to deliberately not focusing on a specific statistical category to gain an advantage in other categories. For example, if a fantasy manager decides to punt rebounds, they would intentionally draft players who are weak in that category but strong in others, such as points or assists. Punting is a more advanced strategy in fantasy basketball and is not recommended for beginners. Managers who choose to punt must understand the statistical categories to execute the strategy successfully.